WIN an Aerobatic Flight with the Marksmen!

The Marksmen Photography and Social Media Competition 2022

Stand a chance to win one of three seats with the Marksmen Aerobatic Team for a formation aerobatic flight you will never forget!

Enter one, or all of the categories:

  • Best photography competition
  • Best Facebook Post competition
  • Best Instagram Post competition

To enter our photography competition, e-mail your best high-definition photographs of the Marksmen to within 14 days of each Airshow – whereby our judge, Justin de Reuck, will select the best photographs and we will post them on Facebook and Instagram. The finalists will automatically be entered into the end of year / season vote, to be voted on by you (the public), and the lucky winner will be anounced by 7th January 2023 on Facebook and Instagram. Impress us with your photography skills!

To enter our Facebook or Instagram competition, simply take your best photographs or videos of the Marksmen from any of our events or air shows and create a stunning social media post, tag us and our partners correctly (blue link), and you’ve entered! The best post being the one that has generated the most likes, shares and comments calculated 14 days after each event! The winners of each event will be published on Facebook and Instagram and they will be finalists for the end of year winner, anounced by 7th January 2023 and posted on Facebook and Instagram.

To qualify, each post must be tagged correctly with the following,

  • @marksmen_aerobatic_team (Instagram)
  • @Marksmen Aerobatic Team (Facebook)
  • @Officialleatt / @leatt Protectives
  • @contraconsolidations / @Contra Consolidations
  • #marksmenaero
  • #flywithmarksmen

Terms & Conditions:

Photography Competition

To qualify for the photography competition e-mail your high definition photographs of the Marksmen to us within 14 days of each Airshow event, along with your name and contact details, including any relevant social media details.

Finalists from each Airshow event will be announced on our social media platforms.

On 14 December the Marksmen will post the finalists on Facebook and Instagram (with credits) on even date, whereby the public will be asked to vote on their favourite photograph.

Votes must all be received by 1 January 2023 whereby voting closes.

Winners will be announced on 7 January 2023 on Facebook and Instagram and will be notified by private message on Facebook, Instagram or email.

Entrants may submit multiple entries and there is no limitation on the number of times and entrant can enter. The same entry can be entered in each or all of the competitions and not restrictions apply. Photos may be watermarked in bottom right or left hand corner of the image and full credits will be given to the photographer in any postings (please provide details along with entry).

Social Media Competitions

To qualify for entry in the Facebook and Instagram competitions you must tag your posts of the Marksmen correctly with @marksmen_aerobatic_team (Instagram) or @marksmenaero (Facebook), our partners @officialleatt and @contraconsolidations, and include the hashtags #marksmenaero and #flywithmarksmen.

Invitations for the Marksmen to collaborate on Instagram posts are also welcome.

14 days after each event we will calculate the number of interactions each post has generated, including likes, shares and comments. The winning Facebook and Instagram post will be announced and they will become finalists for the end of season draw.

Winners will be announced by the 7th January 2023 on Facebook and Instagram, and notified by private message on Instagram, FaceBook, email or by phone.

The Marksmen, it’s pilots, board members and volunteers (herein referred to as the Marksmen) accept no responsibility for any costs associated with the prize and not specifically included in the prize (including, without limitation, travel to and from the location).

The competition is open to participants of all ages and nationalities, however please note that the Marksmen are entitled to assume if you are under the age of 18 that you have parental consent to enter. Please note that you must be 10 years or over to participate in an aerobatic flight.

The prize (flight) is redeemable for one year following the announcement, with location, date and time to be arranged by appointment in advance with the Marksmen and subject to factors including, but not limited to, aircraft and pilot availability and weather conditions. Please note that whilst we will do our best to accommodate winners availability and we will attempt to reschedule when possible, we take no responsibility or liability for a prize not being claimed or not proceeding due to any unforeseen circumstances or factors beyond our control.

The prize is non-exchangable and is not redeemable for cash or other prizes. The prize is however transferrable to another person as may be nominated by the named prize winner.

The Marksmen reserve the right at any time and from time to time to modify or discontinue, either temporarily or permanently, the competition with or without prior notice due to reasons outside of the Marksmen’s control. The decision of the Marksmen in all matters under it’s control is final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into.

The Marksmen shall not be liable for any failure to comply with its obligations where the failure is caused by something outside their reasonable control. Such circumstances shall include, but not be limited to, weather conditions, fire, flood, hurricane, illness, industry dispute, hostilities, political unrest, riots, inevitable accidents, supervening legislation or any other circumstances amounting to force majeure.

By entering the competition you agree that you are the owner of all content submitted and the content does not infringe the intellectual property rights of any other person or entity.

By submitting an Entry into any or all of the Competitions you unconditionally agree to grant to the Marksmen a non-exclusive royalty-free worldwide commercial licence unlimited in time, to use the Entry (whether or not it wins the Competition) in all formats and in any medium of communication, and for all promotional purposes which the Marksmen shall consider appropriate. You represent and warrant to Marksmen with the intention that the Marksmen shall rely on such representation and warranty, that each of your Entries is original, and that you own each of them exclusively and have the right, without the permission of any other person or legal entity, to license to the Marksmen the rights in the Entry for all the purposes contemplated in these Conditions. The scope of the licence granted to the Marksmen in this paragraph shall include your irrevocable permission to the Marksmen to use, reproduce, publish, display, transmit, copy, amend, store, and sell (your image may appear on materials we sell such as cards, calendars, books etc) your Entry worldwide for such purposes as the Marksmen shall think fit without restriction. All Entrants further unconditionally agree to the use of their name, or social media profile name in connection with any Entry which is published in any form in any media. All credits for the Entry will be given to the entrants.

Each entrant acknowledges that the Marksmen have the right to disqualify any participant if it feels any of the terms or conditions have been breached, without being required to give any reason for such disqualification or granting any opportunity for challenge.

Any personal information relating to entrants will be used by us in accordance with data protection legislation in force in South Africa.

The competition is open to entrants of all nationalities, however it will be governed by South African law and entrants submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the South African courts.

Entrants acknowledge that this competition is not sponsored by, endorsed, administered or associated with either Facebook or Instagram and entrants release Facebook and Instagram for any liability regarding same.

Johnie Smith was an obvious choice for the Right Wing position. He’s a rock solid character and an exceptionally talented pilot, both attributes being essential qualities for the spot. He’s a highly respected senior member of the Sport Aerobatic Club of South Africa and has represented South Africa many times at World Aerobatic Championships both as pilot and judge. He’s also a hugely experienced agricultural pilot and owns a very successful crop spraying business in the Lowveld.

Johnie did all his formation training with the Marksmen under the guidance of Sammy, Mark and Eugene. Ground school began in February 2022. After 2 days of ground school, 60 briefings, 60 training sorties and 60 debriefs, Johnie received his display authorisation and final assimilation into the team in August of 2022.

Gary Glasson is a pillar of the Sport Aerobatic Club of South Africa. He’s an ex-chairman of the club and notably one of the very few pilots in the world capable of flying a Pitts Special in the Unlimited Class to a very high standard. His skill as a pilot, and the consistent high standard he sets for himself combined his humble good humour made him an obvious choice for the team. We had to drag him kicking and screaming through the initial stages of his formation training as he refused to believe that he possessed the talent for the task. I’m happy to say that once he finally realised that he was totally wrong in this regard, his learning curve became uncommonly steep!

Gary received most of his airborne instruction from his best mate Eugene Du Preez, with Mark flying lead for them. Ground school began in February 2022 and after 2 days of ground school, 60 briefings, 60 training sorties and 60 debriefs, Gary received his display authorisation and his final assimilation into the team in August of 2022.